Here at second vibess, we are consistently inspired by those around us. We love nothing more than seeing how everyone decides to style pieces from Second Vibess. 
Our purpose here at second vibess is to make clothing that
feels a little like you.
To be featured contact us through our contact tab our via Instagram. 

all about cinched tops

Our cinched tops are made with a stretchy elastic. They can fit a range of waist sizes depending of the shirt and your fit desired.

The size (small, medium, etc.) denoted on the item describes the size of the shirt itself, and not the size of the waist. A larger shirt will have a baggier fit, when compared to a size small cinched top (... and vice versa).


*Sizes may vary therefore, check measurements to determine fit. If unsure feel free to contact us, preferably via instagram.  

all about cinched pants

Our cinched adjustable pants are made to make any pair of pants fit perfectly to your waist.


As shown in the video, the pants can be adjusted to desired size, using the elastic and buttons.


*Sizes and styles of pants may vary therefore, check measurements to determine fit.